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International Dance & Music Festival

What is International Dance & Music Festival Riviera?

International Dance & Music Festival Riviera will take place on 5th - 8th July 2020 in Portofino, Luguria, Italy.

We believe that the Festival will encourage cultural growth through dance and music as universal languages and will serve to stimulate friendship, solidarity, respect and mutual understanding between different cultures.

Best talents from across the world - soloists and groups will gather in Portofino to celebrate the joy of Art for Peace and to showcase their talents at the event. Many of participants are winners of international competitions and awards. A commission of international dance and music experts, celebrities of the showbiz, critics, producers and representatives from prestigious Dance Companies, famous musicians and artists will judge the participants.

Dance and Music master classes with well established artists and producers will be organised during the Festival.

The Gala Show, awards and closing ceremony of the International Dance & Music Festival Riviera will be held at 6.00pm on 7th July 2020 at the prestigious Villa Durazzo.