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International Dance & Music Festival


Dance Festival Competition Rules

This year Dance program has been designed and will be represented in partnership with "Young Ballet Academy". President of the Academy Professor, Laureate of International Ballet Competitions and "Best European Choreographer Award", Principal soloist of St-Petersburg Ballet Theatre and Eifman`s Ballet Theatre - Marina O`Neill.



Age Divisions

Contestants will compete in the following age groups:

  • Under 9
  • Age 9-14
  • Age 14-18
  • Time Limits




Category Subjects

Ballet - A routine where all dancers wear ballet slippers and execute ballet technique, whether classical, neo-classical or contemporary.

Ethnic/Folk - A routine consisting of dance styles of a particular ethnic group.

Hip Hop/Funk - A routine where the majority of the content is "street wise" jazz or contemporary jazz considered as hip-hop or funk.

Jazz - A routine where all dancers execute free form movement and styling characteristic of jazz dance whether in jazz or character shoes of any kind, half-soles or bare feet.

Lyrical - A routine where all dancers interpret the lyrics or mood (intent) of a song (with or without words). This form includes the use of legwork, balance, and facial and body emotion. Dancers may wear character shoes, lyrical shoes, half-soles, or be barefoot.

Modern - A routine that demonstrates balance, extension, isolation, and control using modern technique.

Musical Theatre/Character - A routine interpreting a song from a "Broadway" or movie musical or a routine portrays a character from a play, movie, television show, or a stereotype (policeman, doctor, etc.) through any style of dance.

Open – A routine combining any two dance styles or a routine that does not fit any category listed. Routines may also be placed here IF you already have a routine with the same performer/performers in the same age division, subject category.

Pointe - A routine where all dancers wear point shoes and execute point technique, including contemporary point.

Song & Dance - A routine where contestant(s) sing as well as dance. Such routines must contain at least 30% singing without background voices. Lip sync does not qualify as singing.

Tap - A routine where all dancers wear tap shoes and execute tap technique.

Schools and Dance Groups are welcome to participate in many as many CATEGORY SUBJECTS as they wish.

Important Entry Guidelines

1. An entry form must be completed for each entry and must be postmarked by the deadline date for a given city. All entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, we reserve the right to limit the amount of entries to the amount of performance time available. We recommend sending entries in prior to the deadline date, because we cannot guarantee a space in our program even if they are postmarked prior to/by the deadline date.

  • 2. Competition entry fees MUST accompany entry forms.
  • 3. Soloists are limited to entering a maximum of solos to be discussed with the office.

Music Guidelines

Each entry must furnish one “perfect quality” of Minidisk or CD (NO CASSETTE!).

It is OBLYGATORY that teachers bring 3 DIFFERENT COPIES of each CD in the event of a malfunction of the original. Only the song for that entry may be on the tape. It should be CUED and clearly marked with the name of the song and studio. Tapes must be turned in AT LEAST ONE HOUR before the scheduled rehearsal time and performance time.

Prizes and Trophies.

* Awards to the best "Pieces" in "Ballet and Neo Classic Division" 1°,2°and °3 classified.

* Awards to the best "Pieces" in Contemporary Division" 1°,2° and 3° classified.

* Awards to the best "Pieces" in Modern Division" 1°,2° and 3° classified

* Awards to the best "Pieces" in Jazz Division" 1°,2° and 3° classified

* Awards to the best "Pieces" in "Folk, Historic and Dance/ Theatrical Performance" 1°, 2° and 3° classified

* Awards to the best "Pieces" in "MUSICAL" 1°, 2° and 3° classified

* Special Award "Best Contemporary Company /School"

* Special Award "Theatre" to the best "Theatre Performance"

* Special Award "Choreography" 1°, 2° and 3° classified


Only one 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place in each performance category will be awarded.

Judges' decisions are final: teachers, dancers and/or parents are not permitted to discuss scoring, comments, or results with judges. While some judges may be involved in multiple performance categories, others will concentrate in the specialties of classical ballet or contemporary dance only.

Judges reserve the right not to give all the awards.

Contestant Roster

Each studio/independent entry must fill out a contestant roster with the

ALL of the names of the dancers attending the competition. A legal

representative must sign the form and send it in with the entry blanks

and entry fees in order for a studio/independent entry to be eligible

for the competition.

Important information

All theatrical, dates and location are subject to change.

Competing dancers should be ready at least 1 hr. prior to scheduled

rehearsal and competition times.

There will be use of any dangerous and all kinds of items (knives, swords. etc.)

Props are allowed but must be "free standing". Any litter on stage after your performance must be cleaned by YOUR crew. Any unnecessary delay will result in a point deduction. Smoking is prohibited in all competition and dressing room areas and is limited to those areas designated by the facility.

Food or drink is prohibited in the competition area or backstage.

Coaching from the wings or audience is prohibited.

It is expected that all competitors and attendees will conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times.

Non-Member teachers must also be pre-registered for the Perform time into the stages.

Pictures of winners with their teachers will be taken at the Award Presentation

in our future Brochures and Internet Newsletters. After the competition, score sheets will be distributed to teachers only.

Violation of any of the above is grounds for immediate disqualification.

Any dancer competing in a dance competition takes certain

incumbent risks. These include, but are not limited to, sprains, pulled muscles, and broken bones.

Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks by performers. Direction assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property lost at its events.

The Directors and the hosting faculty are not responsible for personal injury or property loss!

Directors have the right to refuse any application.

We reserve the right to change the schedule, and we expect dancers to be available to perform at anytime throughout the Festivals time.

No request for a different time will be accepted.

A "hold" will be for "legitimate costume problems" only.

The confirmation package and schedule of events will be mailed to each studio within ten to twenty days of the competition.

All copyright negotiations are the responsibility of the participant.

All rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.

Each dance Group will perform two Dance pieces and max time is 7/8 minutes for each perform.

Music Festival Competition Rules

This year Music program has been designed and will be represented in partnership with "Musica Nova" Anglo-Russian music Academy in London. President of the Academy Professor, Laureate of International Competitions and The "Queen's Award" -Professor Evgenia Terentieva.

Terms of participation:

We welcome all young promising artists age 6 - 25 years to take part in the Festival in the following nominations: singing and instrumental. All works must be performed from the memory except the ensemble category. The competitors (except pianists) may bring their own accompanists to the Festival, and, if so, must mention it in the application form. Alternatively, the Organizing Committee can provide accompanists.


1. Preliminary round by CD/DVD recording.

Two or more pieces in different styles of candidate's choice. Total time limit 7 minutes.

2nd Round

A performance not to exceed 8 minutes in length. The repertoire will consist of works chosen by the candidate and must include the contemporary composition (no more than 3,5 minutes in length).

For the II Round competitors must provide the chairman of the Jury a copy of the edition of the score used in the preparation of each work performed. Changes in submitted repertoire or running order may be made only with permission of the Organizing Committee. Any proposed changes must include timings.



  • 6-10 years
  • 10-15 years
  • 15-20 years
  • 20-35 years


  • up to 16 years
  • 16-30 years



  • classical
  • songs from the shows
  • traditional
  • jazz
  • pop

Candidates are required to prepare two contrasting pieces:

  • one song must be a contemporary or a folk song with accompaniment or a capella, preferably from the competitor's country of origin
  • another piece must be of their own choice.

All compositions are to be performed from memory in the original language. The arias are to be performed in their original key. The lieder, traditional, songs from the shows as well as jazz and pop songs may be transposed except those works composed for a particular voice.

  • Solo
  • Ensemble (duet, trio, etc.)

The Adjudicator will give credit for the quality of the performance, purity of the intonation, level of technical and artistic interpretation of the musical composition, the choice of the programme, musicianship, creativity, stage presence, costumes etc.


  • classical, folk, jazz

Candidates are required to prepare two contrasting pieces: one virtuosic composition and another piece of their own choice. The program may include one composition preferably from the competitor's country of origin. All pieces are required to be performed from memory.

Adjudicator will require a copy of the music performed.

  • Solo
  • Ensemble (duet, trio, etc.)

The Adjudicator will give credit for the quality of the performance, level of technical and artistic interpretation of the music composition, the choice of the programme, musicianship, creativity and stage presence.

The participants perform two or three plays with total duration up to 8 minutes.

The organisers will select the participants according with the given material - photo, audio, video, site, etc. via(mail or Internet); offer cooperation for accommodation of participants; provide stages, halls and technical setting for participation; prize fund.

The participants provide quality instrumental accompaniment on CD/MD bearers or live accompaniment. The choice of repertoire should conform with the potential and the age of the performer. The representatives of each country provide also a national flag (105 - 70 cm).


July 5th - Sunday

Arrival, settling in the hotels

10:00 - 12:00 Masterclasses ballet, flamenco

12:00 - 14:00 Vocal competition

Excursions on a boat to St. Fruttuoso Abbey

July 6th - Monday

10:00 - 12:00 Masterclasses ballet, hip-hop

12:00 - 14:00 Dance competition

Excursions to Funiculer MonteAllegro

July 7th - Tuesday

16:00 Get in time (sound cheque, lights etc)

18:00 Theatro Clarissa Final Gala - Show of Laureats and Award Ceremony

July 8th - Wednesday